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Minimum Class Size - 4 Students with Paid deposits


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Pre-Requisite:                                                                               BoPS (ILT or Blended) Completion Certificate - I hold this student class on the friday before the Instructor course for no extra charge. If you have to arrange a different date for the student class, I will have to charge the normal fee. ($150.00)

This course is a BIT course. You will need the BIT if you have never had it or it has been over 2 years since your last class. If you require the BIT, it will be conducted the day before the class. Attending a BIT course on any day other than that scheduled will incur an additional $150 fee. 

All Mandatory courses for Pistol Instructor are included Free of Charge in the course Fee

NRA Pistol Instructor - $280.00      Price subject to change without Notice                 Includes:                                                                                                NRA BoPS - ILT                                                                                      BIT Course                                                                                            Pistol Instructor Course

 $65.00-Non refundable Deposit Fees paid can be applied to any future class desired. Failure to give 48hours notice of cancellation will result in forfeiture of deposit. 

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